Get To Know Us

OUTTASIGHT Hair is dedicated to The Dolls!

She is a style chameleon who is constantly on the cutting edge of fashion and beauty - to recreate herself and change the game. She is trend focused but not a follower, a beauty enthusiast but not obsessed with vanity.  She cares about what she feeds her mind, body and spirit. She is not afraid to be bold. She owns her choices. She is true to herself. She is never one to be considered ordinary. Though her crown may change, she is always a queen. I am her. She is me. Is this you? Check out our Ode to The Dolls*

Our mission at OUTTASIGHT Hair is to bring peace of mind and a great night's sleep to Dolls all over the world. That may sound strange coming from a hair care brand but we get the uncertainty that can come with frequent style changes. Will your natural hair flourish with that style? Are you keeping up best practices in your hair care regimen? Or, is your style choice a situation where your natural hair is out of sight and out of mind?

More importantly, we understand the discomfort that often accompanies the protective styling slay. Is your ponytail "snatched for the Gawds"? Will your edges stay intact? Are your braids tight to make it last the full eight weeks? Is your scalp itching or "hot"? Are you able to sleep comfortably with your head on a pillow? 

Our goal is to provide the answers you seek with an array of hair and beauty items. We gotcha covered with high performance formulas that deliver results. Our clean ingredients feel good to you and are good for you. We want you and your hair to flourish so you can wear styles easier and keep your options open.  

If you have a question or comment, let us know what's on your mind, we want to hear from you! 

 * Many of the dolls in our video were style by Karen Byrd, Natural Girls United! Check out more of her amazing work