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OUTTASIGHT Hair is dedicated to The Dolls!

We are here for the women (and men...hi, Ken👋🏽) that enjoy presenting their best self to the world everyday. Our goal is to bring peace of mind and a great night's sleep to Dolls all over the world.

Peace and Sleep?? Yes, in other words...real rest in every sense of the word. That may sound strange coming from a hair care brand but we understand the mental and physical requirements of natural hair. Our Dolls told us that they worry about their natural hair health under protective styles. More importantly, we understand the discomfort that often happens with style changes. Scalp irritations from synthetic hair allergies to tight styles may cause damage/hair loss.  

Is your natural hair in a situation where it is out of sight and out of mind?

Our whole mission is to make it easy to maintain your hair with our multi-tasking 3-in-1 Scalp Serum designed specifically for natural hair and protective styles. Our clean ingredients help your hair flourish so you can wear styles easier and keep your options open. 
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We are a fan of Dolls that can switch up their look. We got in the game with the Instagram #dmxchallenge. 
 Check out our Ode to The Dolls*

  * Many of the dolls in our video were style by Karen Byrd, Natural Girls United! Check out more of her amazing work



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